Mr. Rajendra Singh



The time has come to know the real meaning of ‘Learning and Education’. How do our children find the right place on the globe in the fast changing world. I wish to share my thoughts on education in today’s context. We at K.C. International School promote and execute this thought process. Education is a lifelong process which brings out the best in each child- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In this process a teacher acts as a co – learner, facilitator and a mentor who creates a learning environment which promotes the child’s growth in all spheres. K.C. International School is the institution where the darkness of illiteracy, unawareness and conservatism paves way to the dawn of wisdom, knowledge and creativity on the impressionable minds of young children on whose shoulder’s lie the responsibilities of the future. We are not only subject experts or teachers but facilitators and supporters of learning.

We also learn from our students. Our education and learning is not restricted to the attainment of a degree from university. We should not treat ourselves as self-proclaimed enlightened creatures claiming that there is nothing more to discover. In fact the real education process never stops and we start getting a feel to the wonderful process called learning after we interact our students rather co- learners. I have come across some fantastic and most challenging questions related to values and knowledge in regular classroom teaching atmosphere such questions cannot be found in the books of philosophy or journals of education. It clearly proves that knowledge is not limited to a structured ambience and the most crucial tool to know that knowledge or to challenge ourselves”. Are we really knowledgeable? – is to generate the enquiry. As educators we understand the need of kinesthetic learners, visual learners or verbal learners and facilitate differentiated learning.

We all know that a tender sapling needs a positive environment which must be conducive to its growth. Providing all nutrients and shelter before it evolves itself into a tough deep tooted tree. I think creation of a positive and energetic environment will be the best endeavor of our team at K.C. International School for the cause of education. This School is milestone in the life of our students which provides the right kind of platform to exhibit their skills and showcase all potential they. With this I send my best wishes to all of you and to look forward to learn with you.