School Building


Planned as a sustainable green facility in accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), the architectural plans for our building effectively blend traditional environmental wisdom with contemporary practice.

To be eligible for the IGBC certification, environment friendly norms were adhered to during the entire project cycle. Prior to construction, the topsoil was preserved and nearly all the existing trees on the campus were retained. During construction, gravel tracks prevented mud from being carried along by trucks.

KC International School Wing offers world class facilities available to all students to engage in a multitude of activities. The RO water system with filtration and softening facilities. Contemporary outdoor amphitheatre that aids students to express their talent.


School Area


  1. Area of the school campus – 8590 Sq.Mtr
  2. Built up Area – 3753 Sq. Mtr


Smart Classroom


In order to best facilitate learning, KC International School offer smart classrooms that use audio-visual methods of engaging students with their lessons.

Our smart classes are equipped with latest innovative technology including LCD projectors and Interactive Digital board systems along with computers. Sections of curriculum are diligently imparted through smart class rooms that are networked to large repositories of digital content.


  1. Class Room – 20 X 26 Sq. Ft.


Technology Labs


A scientific temperament is nurtured through fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology Students are encouraged to use the facilities for enhancing their innovative and scientific skills.


Math Lab – 20 X 37 Sq.Ft.


Bio Lab – 30 X 34 Sq.Ft.

Chem Lab – 20X 34 Sq.Ft.



Physics Lab – 20 X 34 Sq.Ft.


Library & Computer Classes


The KC International School library stocks with adequate number of books on diverse topics and subjects which are easily accessible to the students.

The vibrant library helps the children to upgrade and update their knowledge and to reinforce their school learning.

It has been carefully equipped with several knowledge word banks and is treated as a ‘Temple of Education’.


Reference Books and Magazines keep the students updated with all that happening around. Students are encouraged to give their suggestion about the kind of books they would like in the library, and our librarians do their bit to carry their suggestions further.

The computer Lab of the school is one of the most modern labs which any school would have it. The lab has installed Computers.


  1. Library – 39 X 30 Sq.Ft.
  2. Computer Lab – 20 X 30 Sq.Ft


Play Ground


All students are encouraged to participate in games and sports. An environment of team spirit and healthy competition is promoted. Following sports facilities are available like- Football ground, Volleyball court, Cemented basketball court, Badminton court, Table Tennis, Other indoor games such as carroms and chess. Children park equipment for young children.



  1. Area of the playground – 7000 Sq. Mtr


Music Room


School realizes the importance of Music and Dance for the holistic development of the students exposure is given to the students to get a feel of their own potential. The facilities in the Music Room consist of class sets of instruments. Additional instruments include African drums, drum boxes, keyboards and a drum kit.



Students in upper Primary School are encouraged to play their orchestral instrument in class lessons. Students also use the interactive whiteboard during lessons. The primary music room is also fully equipped with professional sound and lighting equipment for performances and concerts.



Assembly Ground


Our assemblies, which include our Acts of Worship are an important feature of our school’s life. Principal and Staff Members make a tremendous contribution through their presence and active participation. Pupils are very aware that all staff, by their positive attitude, involves themselves in assemblies, acting as role models for the pupils to emulate.



Art Room


Art and Painting activities provide children with an outlet for self expression. It is an important tool for emotional expression as well. Art also enhances children cognitive development which can help them with their early math skills.



Transport Facilities


We have 10 Buses and 3 EECO to avoid the problems of hired vehicles, Bus services are extended around Ten kms. From the school.

Bus facilities are available for all the Societies and location of Greater Noida West



Bus Route


  1. Transport Incharge Name – Irshad
  2. Contact No. 9654775410
  3. Route -1 (Arihant Amber, Haldoni, Jalpura)
  4. Route 2 – (Trident , Stellar Jeevan , Ace City, Palm Valley Ashiyana, Janta Flat)
  5. Route 3 – Arihant Arden EcoVillage -1, Panchsheel Haynes, Sanskriti, Casa Green)
  6. Route 4 – Ajnara, Le- garden , French Apartment


Medical Facilities


The school has a medical room. Medical check-up of each student is conducted periodically.

There are 1 Wellness Teacher and 1 Nurse Timely Conducted and Medical Check ups for all the students as well as parents.

  1. Wellness Faculty name :- Dr. Bijendra Singh
  2. Contact No. – 9821000318