Educators at KC believe that knowledge dwells outside four walls of classes. Principle, Practice and Learning Outcomes are the three pillars on which our school’s educational framework stands.We believe in building up of character.

The Main Driving Force Of The KC International School Curriculum Are The Following Practices
» Scholastic approach
» Co-scholastic approach

Our teaching methodology is supported by a rich curriculum which goes beyond the restraints of conventional educational means and incorporate tools to stimulate holistic development of body, mind and soul.

KC facilities world-class infrastructure which includes spaciously built classrooms, extensively updated libraries, modern laboratories and well maintained campus, there by supporting an environment conducive for gaining education that can be benchmarked.

Upholding the founder’s commitment to promote comprehensive education and ingrain valuable seeds to knowledge in the minds of students, KC reflects our dedication towards providing an exclusive system which fulfills the changing educational needs of the modern society and transforms lives into becoming inspirations.

Student Teacher Ratio
» 1:25 Kindergarten
» 1:30 : Class 1 Upwards